Hunter Gatherings 

Inspiring creative ways to connect to nature and each other

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Nature play is not just for children.

Hunter Gatherings are designed for the child within all of us to go beyond our daily existence and delve into the wondrous complexities of the natural world. As one of Australia's animal species, we have the rare opportunity to explore so much more of life around us.


To quote Roald Dahl, “...Watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places...”

Partnering with artists, scientists, educators, musicians and chefs, Hunter Gatherings may be held at your venue or our own patch of bush in the McLaren Vale wine region, 'Berawinnia'.

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Thursday mornings 9.30 - 11.30

A morning of nurture in nature for both child and parent/ grandparent.

Families are members of Playgroup SA and the program is led by a trained Montessori teacher.

Workshops are tailored for  small groups and may include: 

  • using plant fibres to make string, mats and baskets

  • outdoor cooking using camp ovens and a rocket stove

  • tuning into the natural world using your senses to connect with the life around you


Sharing simple techniques to quash the tension in your fellow vertebrates.

The family of treatments include native bush tea, ancient clay facials and warm foot baths.

Terms & Conditions

Unfortunately we need to provide you with our boring but very important terms and conditions, so please click the .pdf icon to download. If you have any difficulties accessing please contact us to be emailed a copy prior to participation.

Policies & Procedures Handbook

All our policies and procedures are kept in this handy handbook. Please click the .pdf icon to download.

What you'll find:

  • Registration forms

  • Weather policy (page 7)

  • Fire policy (page 8)

  • WHS Policy (page 12)

    • emergency exit procedures

    • snakes​

    • first aid